Copywriting 2022 is based on the peculiarities of the previous period. The preparation of texts in the last few years has become indicative. Most of the changes are positive. In this article, I deal with copywriting as a professional activity. It is not only about the actualization of search engines and the neural networks they use but also about the principles of preparing articles and other materials for the web.

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increased need for competent, informative and useful texts (product descriptions, startups, guides, recommendations, reviews). Potential clients and customers are eagerly moving online, ready to use various services with safety for themselves and their loved ones. Businesses are adjusting accordingly. In this article, I will outline my assumptions about the trends in text writing this year.

Main Ideas

Despite progress and constant improvement neural networks are incapable of generating folded content – thus replacing humans. Individual attempts to create any kind of logical and coherent text are nothing more than advertising gimmicks by the creators of such a service. The importance and demand for copywriters will still be significant. The key point is the possession of relevant knowledge and skills.

It can be difficult. Especially those who write SEO texts as in the “last century”. Such persons know nothing about the search algorithm Core Web Vitals Google, the algorithm Y1 Yandex, and the specifics of working with the semantic core, which does not apply in the preparation of texts modern methods of Internet marketing. To remain demanded as a specialist it is important to constantly update your skills. Constant change is happening so rapidly that the information from the previous year is no longer relevant. There are many ways to update knowledge.

To prove the importance of professional copywriters, here are a few examples. In 2021 the share of purchases in online stores increased. The revenues of such services as Amazin (different online shops) have increased significantly; while the main offline retailers are constantly decreasing. More and more companies are moving resources to the online sphere. Entertainment and leisure on the Internet are breaking all records. All of this needs to be competently offered, advertised and described. A few years ago, the so-called “selling” copywriting and similar Internet marketing was treated with caution. Now everything has changed.

Categorical Objections to Popular Myths

To highlight reasonable trends, current processes should be carefully analyzed. In my practical activity during studying “expert” materials, I am constantly confronted with several assertions (rather – myths). Here are some of them and my considerations in this regard:

  1. The profession of copywriter will die soon

The demand for professional copywriters is increasing. Many people write texts and offer services for little money. The main reason is the availability of inexpensive online courses. Such “specialists” are trying to work from home “without straining”. Many of them cannot be seriously called copywriters, so the constantly growing number of such “specialists” is a certain blurring of the profession. This kind of activity on a professional basis will not disappear. In the foreseeable future, experienced copywriters capable of solving specific problems of business owners (and other entities) will be at work.

  1. Neural networks will “write” texts better than humans

Despite the launch of the Balaboba service by Yandex and other similar attempts by Google and other companies, neural networks are not able to get closer to “human” text. They are aggregators and classifiers of information. This is the main idea and technology. More or less acceptable results can be achieved in the format of template responses (answers to questions, chatbots). When it comes to facts, allegories, semantic and symbolic (logical) features, metaphors and analogies, there are serious problems.

There is a problem with the construction of reasoning, consistency and coherence of the stated “common sense”. In fact, we get “inanimate” texts/descriptions. Even with a precise definition of the task. It is important for any copywriter to constantly learn and update their knowledge and skills. Otherwise, it won’t be long before the rapidly improving neural networks will catch up and overtake the “specialists” stuck in the past in their attempts to create coherent text and “copywriting” development.

  1. Everyone watches the video. No one reads the texts

There’s no escaping the facts. In 2022 about 80% of consumed content will be in video format (different types). In Q1 of this year alone, the increase in viewing hours on the Twitch streaming platform was 97% compared to the same indicator a year earlier. TikTok has rapidly gained a base of 1 billion users worldwide. It’s all true. I won’t be a snob who covers his eyes and ears, unwilling to admit the obvious. The cause-and-effect relationship is broken, and the conclusion in the statement is completely wrong. There are much more videos. But texts and the need for literate materials, descriptions, and promotional content have not decreased at all.

“A professional copywriter should keep their skills up to date. 2022 is no exception.”

Copywriting Trends in 2022

Let’s move from the general to the specific. First, I will highlight the main areas that will be significant in the coming year (and beyond). Especially SEO texts. After that, I will focus on predicted trends based on personal experience and analyzed research by experts.

  1. Personalization

Search engines are increasingly “sharpening” their algorithms in terms of their usefulness – correlated with a specific user. They are justifiably criticized for the total collection of information about participants (as well as social networks). This is done to offer more accurate content. In this case, there is a commercial interest for the services themselves, but also the benefit for users is obvious. The text content placed on the site should be useful and correlated with a specific query (in the keyword phrase entered).

It is extremely important to create personalized content (accurate, on narrow topics, expert and relevant to a specific query). The more of them on the site, the higher the resource will be represented in the organic output. It is important not to manipulate – do not integrate into the material the keys, which do not correspond to the content. Otherwise, you cannot avoid the “sanctions” by search engines. Content can be personalized by a skillful author, working with multiple sources and giving the source material uniqueness. In this respect, the trends for rewriting in 2022 are no different from the conceptual preparation of commercial texts.

  1. Dialogue marketing

Chatbots work according to certain algorithms. The basis of their work is prepared answers. A competent script cannot do without the participation of a professional who is ready to work with texts. Just think about the figure – by 2023 the volume of commercial transactions through chatbots will reach 112 billion U.S. dollars. Many companies will strive to make round-the-clock support with targeted assistance convenient, informative, targeted and as accurate as possible. This will require the development of capacious phrases, meaningful descriptions, and short blanks.

  1. Universal Specialist

I strongly recommend expanding your “set” of services. More entrepreneurs and companies are in search of a universal “fighter” who can be useful in another direction (in addition to preparing the text). In this case, I’m not talking about the need to “sit on the phone” and take requests. I am talking about specialized services. For example, writing SEO texts requires the collection of a semantic core and the proper integration of key queries into the material. Often there is a need to prepare the META tags.

The important point. I consider and analyze copywriting in a broad sense: the preparation of the text of a certain subject and direction and the commercial component. My predictions for 2022 are based on trending points. The comprehensive analysis involves the very essence of the search engines (the algorithms and neural networks), aggregators, commercial sites, and the actual requests from users. Here is a list of obvious trends in the preparation (writing) of texts in 2022:

  • The rapid growth of Internet marketing: More importance is being given to conversion rates and visitor engagement. Among my clients, there are plenty of those who do not just order texts (to fill out sections and pages of the site). Ideally, in the foreseeable future, they want to see the result – the return on their investment in the preparation of text content. Many of them are tired of mindlessly spending a lot of money on contextual advertising and targeting on social networks. They are ready to use the wide possibilities and tools of Internet marketing – many of them require a text prepared by an experienced copywriter. Only such content can engage a potential client – to induce him to take certain actions (consultation, order, purchase).
  • Content for messengers: Messenger services are increasingly turning into full-fledged platforms with the generation of relevant content. In 2020-2021, the rapid development of Telegram is hard not to notice (not only in the CIS countries but also worldwide). Users from different countries are used to seeing reading news, articles, and notes – from publishers, instead of websites. Given the monetization of Telegram, more and more companies, startups and those wishing to make money will move into this sphere. A copywriter capable of creating interesting and in-demand content will be needed. This is not only the timely provision of information about promotions, news, and events but also the so-called interactive content: surveys, responses to questions, participation in correspondence (in messages), events, and informational support. Setting up a chatbot and filling it with text content remains very important. All of this ultimately affects the amount of revenue and profit.
  • Reputation building: A surprising fact is that in previous years, few business owners thought about the attitude of consumers toward their brand. For the most part, the reaction to negativity and related events was factual. A competent strategy for maintaining a corporate blog, publishing articles on third-party sites, dealing with negative feedback, comprehensive work with customers, increases brand loyalty. The participation of a professional copywriter in these processes is very important. Since there is a lot of information “noise” in the network, it is necessary to pay attention to this direction. What needs to be done is to increase brand awareness (especially on the Internet). During the pandemic, this trend has only increased. The task of the copywriter is to help shape the brand “messages” addressed to customers.
  • High-quality SEO: Despite all the attacks concerning technical SEO promotion and the use of appropriate texts, the need to use such a tool remains. With the clarification that the content is prepared taking into account all the requirements and trends of search engine algorithms. An important feature of 2022 is the abandonment of the need for frequent and constant addition of relevant texts to the site. Previously, it was believed that it was better to upload 1 text per day for 30 days than once. Now the focus is on the quality, specificity and content of the materials. Much better “work” a voluminous and elaborated text of long-reading format (longread) compared to small publications. That being said, a content plan is also critical – in terms of the consistency of the materials that come out. It is important to focus on interesting and engaging content – with proper SEO optimization.
  • Customer retention: In terms of marketing, retaining existing customers is an order of magnitude cheaper than attracting new ones. Especially if the company is operating correctly and the brand is well known. In this case, the copywriter can help to prepare the content, designed to increase the loyalty of users and their initial good attitude to the brand. Among the tools may be an address e-mail mailing, preparation of informational materials, elaboration of promotions, and individual offers.

Podcasts, storytelling, and other interactive content (videos, stories, etc.): There was a surge in podcasts in 2020, and then interest cooled down somewhat. Toward 2022, the number of listeners is skyrocketing again. During this year I was approached more than once by clients to prepare the script and text for video clips and stories. The same potential for working out the text basis for cues and other interactives.

How to Write Texts in 2022?

When writing in each case, the specifics of the particular material should be taken into account. In addition to the trends and tendencies listed above, you should pay attention to details. The more facts you analyze and take into account, the more personalized the material will be in terms of the target audience. Be accurate, targeted, and attentive to detail and factual information. If you take on a particular topic, it is important to have a sufficient understanding of it. Often, when selecting a copywriter, the owners of IT companies find it easier and faster to hire a programmer who can write well and make a coherent text out of sentences, than a text writer with only a general idea of the IT field. A similar situation is in other areas: law, medicine, beauty industry, food blogging, construction, industry, and all other narrow topics. It is also very important to know English. If you do not have such a skill, urgently “pump” it up.

Content should be useful. Competently written. Understandable for the specific target audience. Simplification must be appropriate and justified. You can not “write and reduce” to the primitive. I’m talking about accessible presentation without “contrivances” and unnecessary complications, not about “few letters”. Each written and posted on the site should be exactly consistent with the request for which you want to “bring” traffic.

Using the example of unqualified copywriters, I show you how to distinguish layman from professionals – that can write a high-quality text:

  • Narrow knowledge of a particular topic
  • Knowledge of current trends
  • Good English language
  • Maintaining a personal blog with the constant publication of materials

“Skills” in different areas (longreads, storytelling, scenario and text for videos, news, articles for magazines, SEO texts, commercial content)

Top Copywriting Topics in 2022

My vision is as follows: accumulated experience, practice, interaction with clients – all of this allows me to conclude on the following list of in-demand areas. You can pay attention to them in terms of improvement and personal development – to stand out from the numerous competitors and get a profitable order. These topics are:

  • IT and startups (including cryptocurrency, trading)
  • Technical copywriting
  • Financial copywriting
  • Legal copywriting
  • Digital marketing
  • Business (B2B and e-marketing)
  • Restaurant topics
  • Transport and logistics
  • Cryptocurrency and trading
  • Information security
  • Gaming, VR, augmented reality
  • Entertainment

The list is not complete. It is based on my own experience. Each specialist has his preferences. I have singled out promising directions, the “entry” into which is much more difficult. Accordingly, a significant part of the authors is not. If you improve your skills in one or more related areas, you will significantly increase the chance of getting orders.

Ready to prepare texts in the required style and format. I take into account trends, tendencies, actual marketing tools and peculiarities of search engine algorithms. To clarify the prices, visit the section of the website with the same name. It is easy to contact me (section “Contacts“).