The preparation of texts does not stop in a crisis. Copywriting is a universal activity. Professional performers can prepare the required content at any time (as well during the crisis). In the period of the world coronavirus pandemic – to offer variants of business promotion by modern means. In economic crisis and stagnation to help choose effective ways of delivering information to partners and potential consumers.

In a variety of force majeure situations like temporary military operations, armed conflicts and wars, disasters that tend to end – to help save the business and the opportunity for its further development after normalization. Remember, all crises end sooner or later. Copywriting can be an effective tool – even in the most difficult period.

Should Companies Order Texts in a Crisis?

The most important question for potential customers. Is copywriting profitable in a period of instability. Or is it better to hold on to the money “until better times”? First, I will list the arguments, and then I will give detailed explanations.

  • It is always profitable to order texts during a crisis (many performers reduce prices and rates).
  • The choice of copywriters is much greater (you can choose a professional).
  • Preparation of content is preliminary (by the time the situation is normalized you will have everything ready).
  • The best time for mastering the related areas (before it could not be up to it or expensive; now is the time).

If you do nothing, the crisis can completely absorb the business – lead to its elimination. Long waits are inexcusable. It may not be limited to 1-2 months. A clear example is the multi-year threat of a coronavirus pandemic. You have to be proactive to get ahead of the competition as the situation gets better.

Texts Writing or Traditional Advertising in a Crisis?

It’s simple. Large advertising budgets (on the Internet, traditional channels) are significantly reduced in times of crisis. For example, there are fewer flyers, billboards, and TV commercials. The same fate affects targeting in social networks and contextual advertising. To give impetus to the business, development projects will be able to give copywriting. Especially specialists, owning other specialized services. So, it’s not just a text, but a strategy. If we’re talking about the direction of the information, it’s preparing a quality letter for an e-mail newsletter (content, structure, content, layout, design, channel). To present the site in the results of search organic output is worth paying attention to the specialists, well versed in SEO optimization. Texts can be directly related to targeting, images, graphics, photos, marketing, social networks and many other areas. Advice to customers (business owners) – save wisely.

“You can take advantage of any crisis. Think about it.”

One of the most common questions: what are the consequences of the crisis for copywriting and similar IT industries. The situation is twofold. On the one hand, the number of those who will lose partnerships will inevitably decrease, and logistics chains will be broken. In general, the standard of living and consumption (especially of imported goods) will fall. On the other hand, the domestic market will develop rapidly. Import substitution and various variations on the launch of alternative directions (projects, businesses) will not be cancelled. The main thing for professional copywriters – do not to fall into despondency, and depression, and in no case succumb to panic (including impulsive decisions). Life gets better sooner or later. Any crisis will eventually come to an end. It’s not easy to make money on copywriting by chance during a crisis period. But true professionals keep working, preparing texts, helping to create quality content for websites, and other directions.

How does Crisis Affect Text Writing?

Many people wonder what will happen to copywriting – especially after various crises. As well as other spheres it is waiting for inevitable perturbation. It is influenced by the rate of the national currency to the dollar and euro. Copywriting itself under the peculiarities of the work of performers is determined by a particular direction. Advertising and informational texts are intended to follow the designated purpose. This can be an expansion of the customer base, the introduction of a new product or service to the market, finding an investor, an increase in turnover and profits, and the development of the site. Of course, all this best “works” in a stable period of measured and predictable economic activity. Any force majeure situations and significant shocks will take the business out of the rut. If you study the significant market and financial research, investor and professional analysts active in global markets, you will be convinced that the preparatory phase is best done in advance.

What is the “preparatory stage” concerning the preparation of texts and copywriting? First, it is the timely implementation of certain actions; in particular – the preparation of the required content. The wrong opinion: in the crisis, the business is suspended and the sites are closed at once, there is no need for copywriting. This is extremely primitive thinking. And the only ones who are left without money and earnings are those who provide narrow services, sitting on one exchange and not “letting the grass grow under one’s feet”.

The customer wins. It’s all about dumping, the oversupply of copywriters in the online sphere in crises. Objectively, many are willing to take on an order for a “penny”. True, the quality of such content will be at the lowest level. But for some people, it will do. Recommendation to both sides: be selective.

Difficulties in Crisis Copywriting

Among performers, it is the search for customers and works as such. In times of instability and uncertainty, business owners tend to start “holding back” and saving money for outside spending. Often text preparation and copywriting are seen as not necessary and not of paramount importance. This is true, but only in part. In a situation, where there is a reserve of money by the time of crisis, it’s time to spend it on development. This way, you can be in a significant “gap” from your competitors when the situation is normalized.

A lot of similar orders are reduced in crises. In my experience, I can state the transition of customers to larger and longer orders. For performers with a smaller number of clients, the situation can be exactly the opposite. Instead of long term projects, they get different small orders. Depending on the situation, the copywriter should decide what kind of collaboration is more profitable, and what discounts and bonuses he can offer to the customer.

Among the customers – the difficulty in finding a copywriter. Many people try to dump the market by reducing the number of orders and lowering prices for their services. Among the many individuals who want to earn money on copywriting “quickly”, oddly enough, it is problematic to find professionals and responsible performers. Pay attention to your work experience, your site, your clients, and your cases.

Remember: copywriting is a very flexible activity. Diversify your orders and clients. Take up and master other areas. The same applies to customers. Try to prepare and post fundamentally new text content. For example, it may be:

  • e-mail newsletter
  • commercial proposal
  • business presentation
  • informative brochure
  • informative articles (in the blog on the site, magazine)
  • product cards in the catalogue
  • accounts in social networks
  • much more.

An experienced copywriter will carefully study your line of business, and the specifics of your business (project), and present his analysis and effective recommendations. Request a consultation, order a review and recommendations. There are always options for development and improvement. Text content in a completely different form is always effective.

Studying and Beginning Copywriting in a Crisis

Crisis periods are completely different. In times of economic turmoil, unstable world markets, and the transition of many businesses to the online environment, the profession of copywriter allows you to be freer, and independent. But only for those who treat it responsibly. Will finish meaningful copywriting courses.

I will be honest – to consider writing texts as “manna from heaven” and an option to earn easy money is extremely wrong. Becoming a professional does not work for everyone. At the same time, the crisis is the best time to change the type of activity. If you see your potential, if you are literate, and if you like to compose and write content, you should give it a try. Even individual copywriting courses are relatively inexpensive. Therefore, you have nothing to lose. Additional skills in an online environment haven’t hurt anyone yet.

Where to order a good text in a crisis, or how to find the appropriate copywriter?

The first thing I recommend: determine the criteria for selecting a copywriter for your project. Here is what you should pay attention to:

  • justification of Be current prices
  • experience in a suitable topics
  • a comprehensive list of services (in addition to texts – analysis, analytics, recommendations)
  • the ability of the copywriter to solve a specific problem.

In a crisis like never before, it is important to focus on the needs of customers. It is important to study their requests, desires, and aspirations relevant to a particular time. Choose a specialist who has marketing skills, knows what Public Relations is, and understands modern technology, the Internet and social networks. Crisis marketing and communications are very different from an economically stable period. Non-standard situations require the participation of copywriters who can prepare meaningful, relevant, useful and expert text content.

Regardless of current circumstances and a certain situation I will prepare texts in the required format, topics and volume. Copywriting in a crisis “works” in any country. Thus, you lay the foundation for the future development of the business (project). You can do it at a bargain price and in advance. Contact us to order unique texts any time.