Graphic design, like no other field, is subject to constant change. Work with graphics is based on the consideration of current trends. They can reflect certain features of a year ago, flowing smoothly into a new calendar period. They also reflect the moments that will shape the style of the near future. Why is it important to keep track of innovations in graphic design? It’s simple. Staying outside of your They can reflect certain features of a year ago, flowing smoothly into a new calendar period. They also reflect the moments that will shape the style of the near future.

Why is it important to keep track of innovations in graphic design? It’s simple. Staying outside of such innovations, the graphic work you create will be one-size-fits-all, to some extent obsolete. Design is an extremely creative phenomenon, which is subject to constant change. In this material, I consider the peculiarities of web design, as well as the development of stylization and branding elements. In this article I present my trends and forecasts in design for 2022.

Graphic Design: Key Features

The world is slowly coming out of the protracted crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. At least it is desperately trying to do so. Despite the total spread of Omicron, companies and business owners are trying to work on improving the positioning of the project (product, service). The most workable concepts seem to be previously proven solutions. In this way, they are given a “second life”.When working with graphics, and creating the corresponding works, many customers are nostalgic for bygone times. A time when there were no such serious problems. Everything was easier and better. No war in Europe (Ukraine) and other crises. Hence the widespread thought of the 90s and 2000s. The same pixel design, retro perspective, and appropriate colour selection with the priority of neon format. A kind of romanticism and memories of bygone days. Notes of nostalgia are not uncommon in graphic design before. But now this trend stands out especially clearly.Moral fatigue from illness, constant wariness and apprehension are accompanied by the opposite desire – to see graphic objects as bright, stylish and memorable.

“Follow design trends, don’t stay in the 20th century.”

List of major trends

Based on my own experience, I present trends in design for 2022.

All the best is the tried and tested old. Nostalgic sentiments are described above. Their form and expression are very different. To some extent, a rebirth received a template design. Not in terms of borrowing and blind copying, but appropriate graphic duplication in the development of the concept. A comfortable old-school feel will work great.

A high-tech future. This trend has been steadily observed since 2020. Now it is given direct attention. Especially given the total desire of technological giants to create “meta-universes. Their expression is bright blocks of colour, expressive elements with hypertrophied colour stylization. Technology correlates with simple and clear geometric shapes.

Neon style techniques. You can’t call this trend something new. Such a concept is cyclically repeated with periodic regularity. In 2022, its time has come again. Among the priority, techniques are gradient neon, an expressive and bright “splash” in a certain (sometimes unexpected) place. As an option, the use of neon substrates and backgrounds is acceptable. It is quite acceptable to combine them with various graphics.

Creative lettering. Ways to express thoughts, and ideas are becoming more specific. In a world full of the information, you need to use original concepts. Lettering has always helped to abstract and stand out. It is suggested to use non-standard and experimental concepts combined with other ways (volume, colours, forms, etc.).

Grainy does not mean low quality. In the past, photos and graphic elements tried to make as clear as possible. Now they deliberately try to add such an effect as graininess. And in completely different aspects: the background, objects, illustrations, photos, and even video. It’s fashionable, stylish, and youthful. Opposites look especially spectacular. For example, make a grainy background with certain transparency, and on top of the banner is a large font.

Abstraction and fan art are back in fashion. The more incomprehensible to others, the better. The only thing that’s needed is conceptualization, not a mishmash of everything and anything. The centrepiece is the idea. In 2022, even psychedelic is acceptable to a certain extent. But in moderation.

Collages, but unconventional. One of the trends of last year was thought to be collages. Now the trend continues. But in a slightly different way. Especially cool is the combination with the previous item. Do not be afraid to be original and creative. Let your creativity “get out there.”

Simplification through flat design. The flat format does not lose its relevance. A moderate simplicity always looks advantageous. High-quality vector graphics look both expensive and affordable at the same time. I recommend that you stick to a flat design with 6-7 points. Definitely be a winning format in 2022.

The presented list of trends and tendencies in graphic design is not complete. In the implementation of orders, I apply a full “arsenal” of solutions best suited to a particular project.

I adhere to the trends listed above in the creation of graphic materials. Blanks, layouts, and other elements of graphics made by current trends always look fresh, modern, and conceptual. For this reason, many customers come to me.

We work in a minimalist style, without overloaded concepts. To the extent, laconic solutions, taking into account individual wishes of the customer and his project. Contact us for a consultation and to discuss a suitable design. Our prices are on average lower than most agencies and studios. For a relatively small cost, in addition to the logo, complex branding is being developed. We will be happy to help.