Preparing commercial texts on the Internet is connected with the indexing of content by search engines. It’s no secret that the algorithms of the neural networks of Google, Bing and analogues are periodically refined. Copywriters need to keep track of such updates. Only in this way you can update your knowledge and skills, and stay in trends related to text content on the web (completely different formats and types). In May 2022, Google released a significant update – Core Update 2022. Based on a detailed study of the data, I prepared a feature article.

An important point: I consider the main update of Google ranking mechanisms in 2022 from the point of view of preparing texts – copywriting. At the same time, I analyze the mechanisms related to content indexing. I suggest reading my previously published article for those interested in forecasts and trends for the current year.

Main Ideas

Despite progress and constant improvement neural networks are incapable of generating folded content – thus replacing humans. Individual attempts to create any kind of logical and coherent text are nothing more than advertising gimmicks by the creators of such a service. The importance and demand for copywriters will still be significant. The key point is the possession of relevant knowledge and skills.

It can be difficult. Especially those who write SEO texts as in the “last century”. Such persons know nothing about the search algorithm Core Web Vitals Google, the algorithm Y1 Yandex, and the specifics of working with the semantic core, which does not apply in the preparation of texts and modern methods of Internet marketing. To remain demanded as a specialist it is important to constantly update your skills. Constant change is happening so rapidly that the information from the previous year is no longer relevant. There are many ways to update knowledge.

To prove the importance of professional copywriters, here are a few examples. In 2021 the share of purchases in online stores increased. The revenues of such services as Amazin (different online shops) have increased significantly; while the main offline retailers are constantly decreasing. More and more companies are moving resources to the online sphere. Entertainment and leisure on the Internet are breaking all records. All of this needs to be competently offered, advertised and described. A few years ago, the so-called “selling” copywriting and similar Internet marketing was treated with caution. Now everything has changed.

What is Google May Core Update 2022? Why is Everyone Talking and Writing About It?

At different intervals (on average once a year), Google significantly updates search algorithms, the essence of which is indexing sites, as well as other resources and issuing them in the so-called natural organics. This comprehensive update has been “rolling out” since May 25th. The search engine officially reported on the completion of the work on June 9. Experts began to report the first changes and results after 2-3 weeks. Toward the end of June, the main innovations became apparent and noticeable. Many call the new version of Google’s algorithms the worst in recent times, others in the corresponding negative top and even determine it to 1st place. What’s wrong with it? Let’s figure it out.

Changes in search engine algorithms are different. But one thing is invariable – they are equally disliked by SEO specialists. It is understandable, that you need to restructure (sometimes drastically) their work, the positions of sites in organic issuance in most cases sag, and in reports, they need to explain to customers the negative results. Everyone is currently puzzled – about how to level the consequences of a major Google Core Update. Do not lose positions and traffic.

How does the Google Update in May 2022 compared to copywriting and writing? Everything is simple. The specialist involved in the preparation of content cannot stand aside. A simple example: SEO texts 2-3 years ago and current materials are strikingly different. If you write over-optimized articles with superfluous and ineptly integrated keywords, you will only harm the site. Since SEO specialists and technical “promoters” turn to copywriters for new content. The latter needs to update their knowledge – taking into account the May Google Core Update 2022.

“If you do not take into account the changes in the Google Core Update, you will remain on the margins of the organic search engine results.”

Major Changes Related to Text Content

Everyone cares about the site’s position in Google (in organic search results). As you know, the main role in achieving the highest positions is related to content. The more elaborate, high-quality and useful content is for visitors, the more point behavioural factors such as ordering, stopping the search on the page of the present site, and the higher placement relative to competitors. Before the deployment of Google Core Update 2022, the company announced that if the owner of the resource prepares and places high-quality content, you should not worry. Is it so?

To date, different experts have carried out numerous studies on the subject of changing positions in organic matter. I have analyzed multiple reports, and specialized publications. I systematized the information and suggest that you familiarize yourself with the selection (related to copywriting):

  • obvious subsidence of pages without content or with its borrowed elements (dubbing, outright rewriting, translation without adaptation)
  • traffic growth for pages with unique text (especially for online stores and catalogues with unique descriptions)
  • a slight improvement in the positions of narrow-profile companies (such as a dental centre, a car silencer repair service station, a jewellery store, and other resources), on the profile pages of which, in the main list of services, there were relevant and well-written texts
  • growth in the positions of sites that have a blog (moreover, not pages with publications, but key sections – like the Home page)
  • a strong drop in the positions (up to twofold) of sites on which no content has been updated for a long time (from examples, ritual and legal services, other “forgotten” by site owners)

Reasons for Сhanges Core Update 2022 in Relation to Copywriting

Google has been increasing the degree of recognition of the quality, depth and expertise of text content by its neural networks for a long time. Search algorithms are constantly becoming more complex, and new or refined criteria for ranking texts/descriptions/materials are being defined. All this correlates with the behavioural factors of visitors. A significant update has, even more, affected the content part – this is a fact. If such a change is news to you, then you have been “wasted time” for the last few years. I have written several articles on this subject in the past.

What Should I Do to Keep My Site Rankings Low?

Okay, let’s say the requirements for text content on the part of Google have changed. What is the actual problem for site owners and copywriters?

Earlier there were often cases of copying descriptions or even voluminous technical information from the website or catalogues of the supplier/manufacturer. If earlier Google turned a blind eye to this and omitted such dubbing, now you can practically forget about the SEO promotion of such sites.

Consider the authority and rating of the site. Together with behavioural factors, this is still one of the key criteria in resource ranking. Another characteristic point related to meta tags. Preparation and manual addition to the description structure do not always work. In some cases, both Google and Bing independently extract some of the content from the text description on the page.

For owners of online stores and catalogues – the main recommendations: fill in product cards with a unique and informative text; really helpful and expert. Yes, it’s not easy and can be expensive. But top 1-2-3 on Google can’t be cheap. Especially in competitive niches. Category descriptions are important. Update blog content. Work on a quality content plan.

If the pages of the site already contain previously prepared content, even if you consider it high quality, then I can recommend working on readability. A very common criterion, which was repeatedly voiced by representatives of Google. This means improving the structure, working on the content, and making the material better and more expert.

Thesis points on Core Update 2022 (regarding the preparation of texts)

  1. Unique content (even for online stores and catalogues with hundreds of positions). If you want to be at the top of Google, take care of preparing high-quality, informative, useful and most importantly unique texts.
  2. It’s not the quantity that matters, but the quality. Clueless texts are useless for the masses. They are not read by users, they are also useless for Google neural networks. All this is visible and simply “read” by algorithms based on behavioural factors and other criteria. Do not order cheap descriptions. It is better to contact professional copywriters.
  3. Expert articles. Invite experts, write yourself. An experienced copywriter will help you process the information and present it in the right format.
  4. No auto-generated content. If you use such services, forget about any significant places in organic SERPs. On the one hand, there are indications that if such content does not manipulate search engines, then “may be the case.” However, in my practice, I only encountered negative things when filters were applied and the resource became very pessimized. The risk due to AI-generated texts is completely unjustified.
  5. Be sure to start a blog. Especially if you want to achieve high results in the organic search results of Google and Bing.
  6. Pay attention to the structure of descriptions. Taking into account the qualitative study of the introductory paragraph. Since search engines often pull out some of the content for the snippet on their own. After a while, be sure to analyze the snippets. Particularly important pages. This is also important because Google places the highest quality content in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) blocks. If you want to get there and gain a foothold, be sure to improve the upper part of the content of the texts posted on the pages. This part is considered the most informative, targeted for visitors, abstract and answers the main request.
  7. Confirmation of expertise. Previously, it was enough to write a bunch of reviews (often bogus). Now it doesn’t work like that. Verification of this content is required: links to social networks, video confirmations, real photos, certificates, etc.
  8. Structured data and hints. Corresponding brief and abstract explanations in the form of a block of frequently asked questions “work” perfectly. I recommend that in longread and voluminous descriptions add a note of the scheme (plan) at the beginning of the material, diagrams, tables, and finally – a photo. Everything that the user can navigate and search for a direct answer to their request.

Based on the results of the Google Core Update 2022, experts have identified many relevant technical requirements. However, in my article, as a copywriter, I focused on text content. If you want to achieve optimal results in the presentation of your site in the top Google (promotion through articles and other content), please contact me for help. I constantly analyze the most current trends and tendencies, I always offer modern and effective solutions.