Developing a name is not an easy task. Like copywriting, design, and other areas, naming gradually changes, certain trends emerge, and features are adjusted. Names and names are different, and so is the process of creating them. Personal experience in the field of naming and branding allows you to analyze and track the number of trends and forecasts in 2022. In this article, I outline the most important features both for specialists working in this direction and for people who are going to try to come up with a capacious, concise and verified name for your brand on their own.

Emerging Trends in Naming

If naming is considered a process of working out a name for a business (project, startup, product, service, etc.), it largely corresponds to the current rules and principles of the very business. The settings, goals and needs of users are taken into account. It is also important to consider the needs of a particular target audience, which is critical for a particular customer.

In other words, the name must be consistent with the sphere, time, the specifics of the activity. For example, the name of medical equipment should cause trust. Any bright and original trends in this case, to a greater extent inappropriate. Such an approach can cause rejection. Another example of careless treatment with variations of the names is a too unusual and unnaturally original variant. It can cause resentment, the misinterpretation by the audience will lead to a quantitative reduction in the number of potential customers.

Another extremely important point is the time and place. Different countries have their laws, and certain specifics of naming are formed. Therefore, the name being developed should at least partly correspond to those aspects. Let’s say you are a follower of the most trendy Western trends. In the U.S. and Britain, the name could “shoot”, but we have a good chance that simply getting lost. This is the first recommendation that does not lose relevance. Carefully analyze, and highlight the features appropriate to the time and place.

“Creativity and originality in the process of choosing a company name.”

Get to the point. I will highlight the main, in my opinion, predictions and trends in naming (branding 2022 in terms of names is similar).

  1. Growth of demand for national names (for example, Cyrillic names). Belarus and Russia in 2022 are increasingly “plunged” into the abyss of restrictions by the collective West. In such circumstances, products and services of foreign production are entering the domestic market less and less often. The well-known process of import substitution is applied more and more actively. There is a kind of abstraction and distancing from excessive “western” names. Simpler naming that is understandable to most Russian-speaking audiences works better. In this situation, the Cyrillic alphabet looks better than the Latin alphabet.
  2. Stable trends in certain areas. In my experience, I can distinguish characteristic topics in which there are their own rules. For example, agriculture, food production and jurisprudence are some of the areas in which business owners want to designate a “thematic tie-in” to a greater extent. For example: “Green Cereal”, “Bread by John”, “Legal Fact”.
  3. Simple names. There is a tendency for simple, concise naming options. Market research confirms that consumers want to see, read, and understand a company name with clear pronunciation. “Milk Happiness” sounds better and more appealing to most than “Milky White Fields.”
  4. Perceptual nuances and mentality. Search engine indexing, Internet marketing and copywriting have increasingly sought to activate local markets and communities. Such geographical space, limited by certain mentality, culture and other peculiarities, in terms of naming, must necessarily take into account such moments. For Ukrainians, it may be important to be linked to the national “mova”. In Kazakhstan, despite the widespread use of the Russian language, still, the titular cultural values may prevail – to be advantageous in the development of a company brand name in a particular area.
  5. In 2021, there were a lot of examples of business separation. Even I was approached by about 13-15 clients in a year who needed help in individualizing the partners’ parts (naming, branding, and other elements). In this case, you can not do without the original choice of name, which will allow you to stand out among the same type of competitors. Unique, non-standard, expressive names work.
  6. Foreign names for areas with low credibility. Latin (English and other) options continue to work well in the areas of services, production and maintenance of equipment. Still, in areas such as manufacturing refrigeration units, maintenance and repair of air conditioners, and car upgrades – customers respond better to consonant German, American (Western) brand names. These are real examples from my practice, when customers asked – “not in any case in Cyrillic alphabet”, “need to sound solid, like Bosch”.

Simplification. A simple name is better. A kind of simplicity and minimalism in 2020-2021 affected the naming. 2022 is no exception. Avoid excess and clutter. One word is ideal, two is worse; three or more is never. More and more abbreviations are disappearing. Word juggling is inappropriate. Only rarely do short names of this order work. Here is a recent example from my practice that suited the customer (cosmetics manufacturer) perfectly: V&N: very natural. The exception that proves the rule.

Professional Help with Naming & Branding

This is just a list of the main naming trends that will be present in 2022. In reality, there are many more relevant features and specifics. If you need professional help in developing a name of any order, as well as comprehensive branding (design, concept, application) – contact us. We will be happy to help you.