The presentation has taken a major place in pandemic communication. It comes to the forefront in zoom conversations, it is exchanged between partners, and it represents a product or a service. Because of this, people have become more attentive to the design and how a presentation can tell about the company (product, service), to convey the information needed by the recipient. Demonstrating a made-up “in five minutes” work is now considered bad form. The main trend in presentations in 2022 – is to pay special attention to design and content. In this article, we’ll tell you what interesting solutions designers are offering this year.

  1. 3D Objects on Slides

In previous years, designers suggested creating slides that consisted almost entirely of 3D graphics. In 2022, three-dimensional objects can be aesthetically combined with flat design, making them an accent or be used as secondary elements. 3D graphics work well when you want to increase visual interest.

  1. Memphis Design

A design that embodies the aesthetic of the 1980s. It became popular thanks to the Memphis group put together by Italian designer Ettore Sottsass. It consisted of artists and designers who presented colourful and bold works at the meetings.

The Memphis style has also become popular in graphic design. In 2022, it can be actively used in presentation design. It combines many patterns and figures, repeating or chaotic. Bright and saturated colours prevail. A trend worth applying if you want to get a bright and individual presentation that is sure to be remembered.

  1. Typography – the Main Element of Design

In 2022, the attitude toward typography has changed. It is being used much more actively and boldly. Typography has become the central element on the slide. It is no longer just used as an informational inscription. It can affect the viewer, to focus attention. In graphic design dominate bold or bold lettering, with a fill or outline.

One gets the feeling that there are no rules in modern web typography, but it’s an erroneous opinion. Only an experienced designer would mix and match several fonts within the same work.

  1. Experimental Typography.

Unusual lettering, where graphic symbols can be used instead of letters – the future of cool and memorable presentations! Designers turn slides into creative posters. Such typography creates a unique atmosphere. But it’s important not to go overboard. It’s a good solution for an accent slide or element.

“Modern presentation is able to solve many tasks of your business..”

  1. Minimalism

The style of minimalism is still in trend (in 2022). A solution that will always be in demand: simple and clear to convey information. It should not overload the viewer visually and informatively. More space on the slide, concise captions and high-quality images.

  1. Use of Natural Colours

An excellent trend in presentations in 2022. You can emphasize your attitude towards ecology and nature. Muted and calm shades in the design have a good effect on the viewer. Soothing and relaxing. It makes it easier to absorb information and remember what is important. Research your audience before creating your presentation. If it is a group of people who are sensitive to the environment, who care about environmental issues or have a connection to nature – a presentation in this style is a good solution.

  1. Inspired by the Design of the 90s

A design that harks back to the first versions of Windows. Simple geometric shapes, bright gradients and an unusual mixture of tones – this is something that can be integrated into the presentation. Additionally, the graining effect can be used, so the visual will look even more like a gadget screen from the 90s.

  1. Soft and Dynamic Gradients

This trend has been successfully holding its position for more than a year, but in 2022 it will become even more popular. Gradients are a smooth transition from one colour to another. With their help, you can create a dynamic and multi-dimensional design.

Soft gradients are very popular. They are smooth, with a white backing or “transparency” effect. Good to use as a background when you want to emphasize some object. In this case, the whole slide will look very trendy. Dynamic gradients are created from contrasting tones. Make the design more active.

General thoughts on designing and creating presentations in 2022

The coming year will be interesting and varied in presentation design. Lots of new solutions to choose from, depending on your goals and target audience. Do not use a trend for the sake of a trend. The project should be relevant and easy to perceive. On the website, you can order a presentation that can perfectly present your business, product or service.